Want to write your new book? Start Creative Writing! by Athina Malapani Philologist MA in Classics

Creative writing is a writing process that is difficult to be defined. In any case, it is thought to be any writing process that goes outside the bounds of normal professional, journalistic or academic way of writing. It is typically identified by an emphasis on narrative craft, character development and the use of literary tropes. However, both fictional and non-fictional texts can be considered as results of creative writing. Generally, creative writing can technically be considered any writing of original composition. Creative writing is tending to be very popular in recent years, because more and more people want share their own experiences and ideas via books and e-books. In addition, many businessmen are getting used to writing their own books in order to communicate their professional theories and the products or services of their companies. For all those reasons, attending courses of creative writing seems to be very useful for empowering your professional life. More specifically, in creative writing courses, you can be taught how to write your own book fast and easily, without wasting much time and money. Furthermore, ways of organizing the text and making it understood to others are taught. Practical issues are also explained in creative writing courses; for instance, how to manage your time to write your book and how you can expand your imagination by creating your own sources of inspiration are also taught in creative writing classes. So, it is clear how important would be to attend creative writing courses and expand your career and your life! Bibliographical resources: J. Blanchard (2018). The Writer's Confidence Boost: Create the inner-strength and resilience you need to live your dream writing life. J. Goins (2012). You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One). Tribe Press: USA. B. Hutchinson (2016). Inspired Writer: How to Create Magic with Your Words. R. Skinner (2018). Writing a Novel: Bring Your Ideas to Life the Faber Academy Way. Faber & Faber: USA. J. Wenham-Jones (20093, 20071, 20082). Wannabe a Writer? (Secrets to Success).


Αθηνά Μαλαπάνη.
Μαθήματα Ελληνικών - Learning Greek.
Athena N. Malapani MA, Philologist National and Capodistrian University of Athens,
Writer and Author.


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