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Creative Writing: it's impact in our psychology.

Creative writing is a couple of skills that can make anyone able to write literature. Any kind of text (such as fiction, science fiction, novel, poetry, theatrical texts) can be taught and studied by any person who wants to get the positive effects of literature, reading and writing.

Studying, reading and writing literature may have positive impacts to our mentality and psychology, too. First of all, practicing in reading and writing helps us to cultivate our language and express our ideas and feelings. Especially nowadays, the lack of linguistic cultivation makes us unable to express our personal points of view or even our emotions. In addition, personal expression is connected with the practice of mindfulness and the dialogism. Finally, it is important to study and learn how to express yourself in writing as you can gain and develop many skills of oral communication, too.

Secondly, it is without any doubt that this mental activity may have positive impact on our psychology. Expressing yourself (both ideas and emotions, negative and positive) can help you get rid of anxiety and lack of self-esteem; hence, you can find the reasons why you have a problem with why you feel negatively. As a result of this practice, you can understand yourself better, your personal motivation and you are able regain your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Thus, creative writing is of high importance for both our mentality and psychology. So, do you have any reason for not to take up this new hobby, especially during summer when you have more free time? Think about it!

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Article by: Athina Malapani. She is a teacher of Creative writing. She is also a Ph D Candidate in the Universities of Sorbonne and Athens in Classical Greek Philology and a writer.